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Re: Sony Trinitron display malfunction. HELP!!!

Dave Posted Mar 05, 2006, in response to:JP

JP, Awesome! After months of pounding on the TV to keep the screen on, I tried your advice. On the KV-35, the lower screw is called creep, but is located in the same place at the end of the red cable. Turned it 1/8 of a turn clockwise and the screen had diagonal lines. Backed if off to 1/16 of a turn, and the screen was able to stay on. Hopefully, this will keep working for a while and keep this 250lb lead boat anchor out of the landfill. PS for Sandi, you need to remove all the screws in back of set in screwholes with => arrows, and then remove three more screws above the AV connectors, then pull the back out. Please exercise common sense and good electrical practice (safer to keep TV unplugged when touching insides), or else don't do it. Dave


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    For Dave-Thanks for your help, but each time I pressed power it sounded like a crackling fire. So I gave in a bought a new one which was delivered yesterday. Didn't realize how bad the color was until I saw the new one. Thanks again for the help!



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