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Sony XR-C350 Display Color

Capt EJ Posted Mar 29, 2004

How do I change the display color on the Sony XR-C350?

An associate of mine purchased an '89 BMW 525i and it came with a Sony XR-C350 installed in it, with the CD changer in the trunk. The instrument display on the car itself is in orange, however the XR-C350's is green. There are car stereos out there that can switch the display color from green to orange. I had a Pioneer DEH-680 and it was able to change display colors, so I'm hoping the Sony's does too. I tried to obtain the manual from and although it says XRC350.pdf on the file name, it's actually for the XR-C450. So that was useless, so if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Re: Sony XR-C350 Display Color

     simos Posted Apr 01, 2004

    I'm sorry but i dont thing that you can do that. I have the manual for XRC350. I can't find something about to change display colors. I have a problem also. I have lost the pin-connector, this white thing, from one side plugged to the player and from the other side 5 or 6 wires comes out and connected to the speakers and battery. Can you tell me the pin out?

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    Re: Sony XR-C350 Display Color

     Nigel Posted Apr 09, 2004

    Yo dudes, Listen up, the diplay colour of the XR-C350 cannot be changed. Thats the bad news but if you advertise on something like ebay you might be able to swap flip fronts with someone who is looking for the one with amber illumination. Now the pin outs. Under no circumstanses must you try to connect the unit without obtaining the correct plugs. If you have any trouble finding these I can supply the correct items for £9.99 sterling + p&p. They are v.small and light so the p&p will not be very costly. Choose to ignore this advise at your own peril!!! Pinouts Bottom conector Black 12v -ive Orange/Yellow Constant 12v +ive (ie direct supply from the battery) Red 12v +ive (from ignition aux supply) Blue External amp control supply (you don't need this unless you run an external power amp in which case it is connected to the blue control cable, if not it must be INSULATED and taped out of the way) The top connector is to the speakers and is split into pairs verticaly. Each pair to one speaker. As far as I can remember the left two pairs feed the left front and back speakers and the right two pairs to the right front and rear speakers. As long as you remember to observe the speaker polarity all will be well. Good Luck.



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