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Re: JVC Camcorder GZ-MG21U unknown device

JB38 Posted Aug 31, 2008, in response to:JIll Mila

Although not acquaint with the actual 21 model, speaking in general terms it depends on whether or not you have first of all loaded the software disc that came with the camcorder into the PC that you are trying to couple it to, as you require some form of video capture facility in the PC so that you can open the programme where you see "capture device" mentioned, that is provided you have switched the camcorder on before opening the installed programme. Windows movie-maker good for this, although its very limited in what you can do (editing wise) with the downloaded video, Nero being far superior in this respect. If by any chance you have done all this what do you see mentioned if you double click on "my computer" in the desktop screen, what does it call the camcorder? The other point is if you have loaded the disc into the PC


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