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Sony DXC-327 (BATT Light On)

Howell Posted Mar 05, 2004

Camcorder Plays audio bad shuts down sometimes.

Computer starts with sound dropping during play back and now it start to just shuting down sometimes show and nothing in the viewfinder but "BATT" light.


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    I have a 327a with a similar problem. Camera was working fine, then apparently a cap or something started shorting. Smelled bad, got intermittent batt light in VF, now just has smeary, magenta video. Sometimes batt light comes on too. RVV9000 recorder seems to be working OK. Took whole camera apart. Couldn't find the burned part. Maybe chip resistor. There'a another 327 for sale on ebay with similar problem. Did you ever figure out what was wrong with yours, or find a source of parts?



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